Monday 23 November 2015

Bring On The Buses

Buses are a regular topic of conversation amongst traders. It is simple - buses carry passengers - passengers with money are customers - customers are a traders source of income - the more customers we have - you get the idea.

Customers can be attracted to our market by a number of methods and the best method is for traders to make themselves so irresistible to their customers that they literally fall over themselves to get here. That is not exactly the environment we are currently in so we need to try alternatives. Traders are convinced that buses are a viable alternative but buses don't seem to fit into the marketing teams plans apart from cruise ship buses where the market has recently sewn up an impressive looking deal with a major operator.

Traders are so keen to try buses that many have quite detailed views on how a bus system might work and, despite tough times, they are even prepared to offer contributions to bring them to the market. So what is involved here?

Concept - buses would be hired to bring customers to our market from surrounding suburbs, city hotels and perhaps even nearby regional areas. There would be liaisons with hotels, community groups and other suitable organisations.

Incentives - the buses would be free for the passengers and traders would offer vouchers or discount incentives to passengers.

Services - buses would be met on arrival and a central pick-up point would be established where customers could leave their purchases for packing and loading while they continue shopping. The aim will be to make this experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible for the customer.

Special offers - special deals could be offered for food and beverages while at the market to encourage longer stays.

Financing - traders would each contribute say $5 per trading day towards a bus hire fund.

There is a lot to think about here but one of the beauties of the proposal is that it can be trialed for virtually any length of time without major overheads and feedback in the form of extra sales should be reasonably easy to identify.

What do you think? Would you support a bus hire scheme? Would you be prepared to get involved in the organisation of buses.? What features do you think should be included in the scheme to maximise its impact?

29/11/2015 22:07:22 busses "I'd be in on that. I think that all the bus drivers should be given a food and drink voucher to use anywhere within the market to encourage them to stay longer."  Leah
A good idea Leah. The drivers are an important part of the equation- Ed.