Sunday 8 November 2015

Story Box - A New Concept For QVM

It is often said that it is the small things that count and this latest innovation  will certainly add to our market's role as a community facility. The mysterious (and attractive) new storage boxes that arrived in A shed this week have been revealed as a book library.

The Story Box - Read, Swap & Enjoy - is the brainchild of our management team and introduces a community library. There is a strong re-cycled element as a re-cycled metal storage box has been transformed with re-cycled fence palings and filled with re-cycled books from libraries and the Red Cross. The idea is for visitors to be able to sit relax and enjoy the books from the box, or come along and swap or exchange a book to take home. The books have a broad topic range and are written in various languages.

The flat top box houses stools and provides a reading table while the upright box stores all the books and displays them on shelves. Our thanks to John Magno for revealing the story, and to Victoria Niewalda for outlining management's concept, and well done to Danny for producing a very attractive looking storage facility.

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16/11/2015 10:12:59 STORY BOX "Is this the best idea that management can come up with to fill a empty shed?
One least if you are serious about it could you try and do it in a bigger and better way,just another great idea as was the playground at the top of C shed.
And you wonder why customers are turning there backs on the market and shopping elsewhere."
Wouldn't it be nice if there was one easy fix to the declining interest in what we traders offer? You are right that this one measure is not the answer and hopefully more similarly clever ideas will help fill the gaps. But the bigger question is why have the traders who used to fill this area gone? Is it because they were no longer relevant to today's consumers? Unfortunately, our problem is bigger than how to fill gaps. It is how we respond to the retail recession that is impacting across the globe and how we make ourselves more relevant. The answer to that will be part of a long journey with probably a significant amount of adjustment. Pity it can't all happen tomorrow - Ed.