Tuesday 24 November 2015

Questioning Building Heights On Therry St.

The lead up to a Planning Amendment for the market precinct has raised some questions, particularly over the building height limits on Therry and Queen Sts. The following is in response to our article - Amending Building Heights Around QVM

23/11/2015 14:47:02 Amending Building Heights Around QVM "DDO11 states:Podiums fronting Therry Street and Queen Street north of Franklin Street should have a minimum podium height of 10 metres and must have a maximum podium height of 20 metres. Podiums fronting other streets should have a minimum podium height of 20 metres and must have a maximum podium height of 40 metres.

When I asked at one of the meetings why it was necessary to state a minimum podium height, no answer was given.   It seems counter intuitive to insist on a minimum 3 story podium when what exists now is 2 stories and fits perfectly with the scale needed on the street.  

The participate website at first glance does't seem to offer anything more than an outline of the planning amendment and overlays as if we should all know what DD011 and DPO14 mean.  Be sure to look further down into the ""Document Library"" to find what you need to make it understandable. " Catherine Underhill  

Thanks for your input Catherine - Ed  

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