Saturday 21 July 2012

Second Trader/Board Meeting

Thursday evening’s meeting covered a broad range of issues with all trader group’s represented with the exception of meat. The cold confines of the Franklin St packing sheds did not diminish active debate on issues like the carpark, tourism, trader consultation, enclosed markets, trading hours, customer make-up, food freshness and much more.
Chairman of the Board, Paul Guerra, and Director of City Design, Rob Adams, repeated their statement that future plans for the market are not yet locked in. The purpose of these meetings is to establish views from all traders before plans are formulated. All in attendance at this meeting were given an opportunity to express their views. We are waiting to hear on the next step.

21/07/2012 21:43:31 thur nite "I am surprised that the ""rep  of the board"" and ""council designer"" is sitting with us, ""the traders of qvm "" at the same table.please pardon my cynacism,
We collectively have a multi million dollar ""going concern"" in the palms of our hands and we need a huge professional advertising company to convincingly  ""sell"" us to the public:( seriously how hard is it to get a quote and draft?)
Give parking an inviting  boost 10 till 12 complimentary parking on weekday market days for the month of  september;(seriously how hard is it to implement?)
We have these boards to advertise in them DO SO!! I can see the school holiday ads. are still in there!!
What about OUR market being open with the""day traders""the first day of daylight saving until 8pm which happens to be a Sunday including live music out in Queen Street (it will give  the ""events"" people a new ""toy"")
These ideas can come to fruition THIS year.!!!Yes THIS year!!
I do not care about Copenhagen nor Sth or Prahran!!markets, Ours is the biggest and should be the best!Cos that is what I hear from people that come past  me.from all walks of life,all sorts of jobs and professions.
Come on Mr Adams and Mr Guerra how genuine are you both in  making QVM the success story of Melbourne and the World? Please show me how quickly you can" -  Rosalie Rockman

 21/07/2012 22:16:57 Trader/Board Meeting "Good points Rosalie. Long term strategic planning is fine but there are many things that can be done right now. It just needs a genuine desire to promote the best market in the world."