Saturday 7 February 2015

It Pays To Speak Up

Following our article on renewal last week - - the following exchange was published on this website.

02/02/2015 13:02:57How were the extra reps chosen? I am a concerned and passionate market trader, but I have never been approached. Your call please editor."
04/02/2015 20:39 “Speak with your Trader Representative or give me a call on 0406 222 020 and I will explain what is involved. I am confident we can fit in an extra participant. - Ed.

That trader contacted their Trader Representative and have now been included in the consultation session next Tuesday. We don’t want to start a last minute avalanche of trader requests because the groups have now been finalised, but the point is that speaking up and contacting your Representative is good advice if you have something to say.

And, just for the record, participants in the consultation groups were selected across various trader categories. The QVMAC was looking for traders who could express opinions on market matters, had the capacity to consider all QVM participants, and, most importantly, could offer real solutions for the future of our market.