Thursday 12 February 2015

Traders Comments - 12/2/2015

10/02/2015 20:19:43 Tupperware . "It was great to see the colourful delegates flood the Market , all smiles, and greetings . Simply fantastic.. we made cards, in pahasa indonesian to welcome them, and greeted them with salamat pagi....
unfortunately our products  , were not on their list of things .but we did make a few good sales... BUt good luck to the t shirt and souvenir sellers, they made a very good trading day. 
Looking forward to thursday, maybe the ones who bought and liked my products , would show their friends, and maybe come for more. But it was a great day to see them all.. well done all those Involved, so well organised too from our Market too, with signs, etc. If i may suggest  perhaps we could get some one to greet them over the P.A. in their language , when they come ." Andy

12/02/2015 17:43:59 Miss U "Miss you Dad" -  Daniel