Saturday 7 February 2015

Master Plan Gets Closer

The City of Melbourne’s Draft Master Plan for QVM is scheduled for release in March 2015. In the meantime QVM is conducting consultation sessions with traders as part of its Strategic Brief Document which relates to the Master Plan.

Consultation sessions started this week with the Deli Hall traders. Specialty Traders (General Merchandise) will be the subject of two sessions next Monday and Tuesday. Each Specialty group will comprise 12 or so traders who have been selected across various sub-categories including fashion, accessories, souvenirs, footwear etc.

These groups will be asked to consider and comment on how QVM may best address its customers over coming decades. It will consider the format of the upper market including back of house facilities, the use of vehicles and boxes, stall structures, trading hours and so on. Within a few weeks there will be a forum at which individual traders can express their views and make recommendations. As the discussions progress we will be able to form views on possible directions for QVM, how far those options will improve trader's operations, what impact they are likely to have on sales, whether changes need to be made, and what issues need further examination.

We expect to have information available on this website as the discussions progress.