Tuesday 25 September 2012

L Shed – A Great Opportunity?

The success of M shed will rely on its “inclusion” into the market.One of the major solutions to creating a good trading environment in M shed is getting a row of traders on the other side of the aisle.
To help achieve that inclusion we either get L shed traders to trade from the M shed side of their stalls or we establish a new row of traders behind L shed. There are weather issues at the back of L shed but they are manageable, just ask Queen St. traders. We can only assume that L shed traders would welcome an opportunity to double their public exposure.

There could be new merchandising possibilities for L shed traders. Imagine being able to show a different face towards M shed. It would be a bit like having two stalls in one. Now, let’s not get carried away. There are strict controls on what you can sell from your stall – for good reason. But the extra merchandising possibilities of an additional store front could make this a very attractive opportunity.
Like any other retail venture we would need to do this properly. There would be no sense in creating a simple adhoc rear entrance to current stalls. A professionally merchandised display to M shed would help create that important "buzz" of customer traffic and benefit all traders involved. Most traders seem to agree that M shed has potential with its fresh new look and innovative setup. Management have a lot more to do if it is to succeed, but traders have a critical role as well.

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26/09/2012 01:51:09 m shed " Agree totally with the above comments. If they open the door, so to speak, the people will come." Andy 
30/09/2012 06:12:19 L- shed "Wake up people, we need to fix the problems we have in c shed before we can even think about putting in a new shed... Really lets think about what we are doing, & stop colour coating the real issues"