Monday 3 September 2012

Trader's Comments on M Shed and Promotions

03/09/2012 14:52:38 general "Great display of market coordination and efficiency once again..we waited for over 30 minutes to get in from the top of L shed to bring in our trucks .there were 4 of us waiting over 30 minutes. entry into market is 4:00pm. we had ring the office and security to reming them to come and unlock the we are in a middle of meetings to address problems and the market office in general and they have the gaul to not even try to keep the problems from not escalating..its not the lateness that bothers me..its that i am getting tired of the continual obstacles put to the day traders..I LOVE HOW THERE WAS GREAT PROMOTION OF THE MARKET FOR FATHERS DAY....we have a professional supposed marketing team and we couldn't bother to spend any money on fathers day weekend at the market.. i guess there wasn't anything left after the $300000 spent on containers.."

03/09/2012 15:06:58 promotion spring carnival "Can the  marketing department try and organize something for the spring carnival. maybe hire a podium try and get a personality to host and basically try and get customers to dress up as they do at flemington and have a contest..1st prize $1000 to spend at victoria market  2nd prize etc 3rd prize 4th prize 5th prize..also maybe one for kids 4-7 for example.. promote it for teh weekend before the melbourne cup tuesday..maybe do a leaflet drop or newspaper drive ..we have 2 months from today to do something .more than enough time..maybe hire some horses in keeping with the theme.."   Ed - We have asked Andrew Cyples to let us know what promotions are planned for the Spring Racing Carnival.

 08/09/2012 19:06:42 the opportunities given us  "The opportunities given us as people; the opportunities given us as traders BUT yes, BUT the opportunities given to our marketing people for advertising never ceases to amaze me!!
Here we are,we all go shopping,more so fortunately we are retailers in the GREATEST place QVM,but these people don'tknow how lucky they are.
You are offered advice (by us the traders) of how you can go about advertising QVM at opportune times,eg,FathersDay,and now I see another idea came to lite!the Spring Carnival please prove me wrong and show me how you will "
 Rosalie Rokman