Friday 28 September 2012

TAC Meeting – 27/9/2012

The first meeting since trader elections in August was a little low key with 3 of our new representatives on leave. Inductions and briefings have therefore been held over till our next meeting but in the meantime a few issues were discussed. We don’t have the minutes of the meeting as yet so the following are observations taken from the meeting and subject to correction.

Christmas Holiday Trading –
Saturday 22nd December – normal trading day.
Sunday 23rd December – a normal day for General merchandise with the exception of A, B, and C shed traders. Due to the proximity of the festive season it is expected that Fruit & Vegetable Traders will operate in A, B, and C sheds on this Sunday. Management will make special alternative arrangements for any General Merchandise Traders who are displaced. It is expected that there will be sufficient vacant stalls in the rest of the market to accommodate those traders.
Monday 24th December – a Special Market Day operating as a Tuesday, with trading by General Merchandise Traders being optional.
Tuesday 25th December (Christmas Day) – Closed.
Wednesday 26th December (Boxing Day) – Closed.
Thursday 27th December to Sunday 30th December – Normal trading arrangements.
Monday 31st December (New Years Eve) – Food will open. General Merchandise will close.
Tuesday 1st January (New Years Day) – Closed
Saturday 26th January (Australia Day) – Trading arrangements to be determined. Trader’s views will be sought.

Trading Hours –

The deli representative raised the question of uniform trading hours in order to better take advantage of peak trading around closing time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and to help remove confusion for customers. He suggested we could consider trading to 3:00 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with Saturday and Sunday both trading to 4:00pm.

It was argued that 3:00 would simply become the new peak as many local customers were always going to leave shopping until the last minute but providing greater standardisation was seen as desirable. There was no discussion on revised starting times.
For further discussion.

MCC/Board Feedback Summary and Action
A meeting of all traders is scheduled for Thursday 25th October, 3:30 – 5:00, at the Jasper Hotel in Elizabeth St. just around the corner from McDonalds.

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29/09/2012 07:54:33  "The meeting with City Council and the Board is set for October 25th you say,  that's 2 days before the Council elections. What a fortunate coincidence. Political football anybody?" Hugh