Friday 14 September 2012

Trader’s Refer Tourism Request To Board

It was way back in April 2010 when General Merchandise Traders first informed management that there was a serious flaw in the results of contemporary customer surveys. These surveys did not identify the critical importance of tourists to trade in the top end of the market. General Merchandise Traders representatives made it clear to management that QVM marketing showed a bias to food and local customers that needed correction in the form of a major promotion program directed at tourists.

Since that time there has been much discussion and correspondence with management culminating in a letter to the QVM CEO on 22nd June 2012. The end result is that our CEO has been unable to offer what we consider is a major tourist promotion program. We have now referred this issue direct to the QVM Board.
It should be noted that whilst we are grateful for any measure (Market Insider Tours, greater liaison with tourist groups etc.) that boosts tourism we believe the current state of retail business, and the neglect of recent years, requires more. That is why we are seeking a major tourist promotion program. This is not a time for simple discussion. It is not a time for “playing around with the edges” of a serious problem. We are seeking significant action.

The round of recent Trader/Board/MCC discussions has generated much anticipation and a fair share of goodwill. Has it been just a talkfest as some traders have suggested? Time will tell, but tourism promotion is an issue that will test the new Board’s commitment to correcting past wrongs and to meet the needs of major stakeholders. This is truly a case where action can speak louder than words.