Friday 21 September 2012

The Booming Retail Category

While general retailing struggles, food seems to be churning along at its own merry pace with some innovative concept stores that are exciting customers. The following were featured in Inside Retailing this week.
Eataly, New York City – authentic Italian cuisine from the white tablecloths to magnificent pannini, pizza, and pasta made on the premises.
Calbee Plus, Tokyo – a shop that sells a full range of potato chips and mesmerizes customers by showing them the whole process from raw potato to finished product.
Rythm Kitchen, London – Caribbean street food that joins a flush of other enticing food concepts at London’s new Stratford shopping centre.
Hotel Chocolat, London – boasting its own cocoa plantation in the Caribbean, this innovative business shows off different concepts in each store, and features products like chocolate body scrubs.
Maille Mustard, Paris – just mustard but bright and colourful merchandising plus little innovations like filling your jar with mustard of the month makes this a very successful retailer.
Happy Lab, Melbourne - Happy Lab is the strange fusion of chemistry-themed packaging with all-natural confectionery.  It sells brightly coloured confectionery in plastic test tubes, conical flasks, petri dishes and beakers.