Wednesday 19 September 2012

Traders Speak Out - 19/9/2012

We have received a number of comments from traders over the last few days and we have linked them with the articles below. Just click on the heading to be taken to the original article.

Why It Will Be Difficult To Justify A Rent Increase in 2012
14/09/2012 21:11:49 Rent rise accountability? "I sooo agree with you about the rent issue for 2012."

17/09/2012 11:41:55        Accountability to Spending - I am so over this string bean alley failure that it probably has been a clever ploy to distract traders away from our own problems in the day market..there seems to be some great ideas and push from Chris the new fella in charge on the real front the actual market..he is trying and that is great news..the people at the top of the chain need to speed up their analysis and see what they can do to repair the market image..we have people coming to the market no issue..i am not blaming the market for the quiet weeks we are is most places..the problem is we are not attracting the quality shopper ..the person who goes to the sales in any dept store or shopping centre and spends 200 to 300 on good branded specials..the market management have decided to expand the market with this string bean "HANG MYSELF CONCEPT"..without really at trying to repair and put money into the main market..if the rumours are true and they spent $300,000k would it not been wiser to put $100,000 into a 3 month tourist campaign which would have run until end of December..i mean targeting interstate areas but also hard working areas like Geelong, Melton, Dandenong, Traralgon..people want quality bargains..why is so hard for these people in the office to know why..they  are on free meals...could you imagine if the market sunk that money into  hiring 30 buses (CALLED IT FREE CHAMPAGNE AND COFFEE AT THE VICTORIA MARKET)..with 40 people in each from different areas and brought them here..the there probably(not sure) be change from $50,000..they could had incentives like 'SPEND $5000 and get ?????” They keep saying we are limited with money, PLEASE MY 4 YEAR DAUGHTER HAS BETTER IDEAS.  she said the other day, " daddy I am bored", we need some entertainment for kids over the summer..i don't know what the answer is but putting money into something to benefit the night market only isnt fair..seriously maybe someone else comments reflect the problem as well," the market is stuck in the old days with many traders that simply don't belong there (not their fault, the market mgt for allowing them in)..TO ALL MANAGEMENT ..CLEAN OUT THE COBWEBS BEFORE YOU WASTE ANYMORE MONEY..that includes getting rid of dead weight in the office.

Spring Racing Carnival Promotion
 15/09/2012 00:00:48 QVM marketing team "The problem with the current QVM marketing team is they think small. Cooking classes, small fashion parades that no one seems to notice, gusto festival, small market week events, the great cheese platter event and so on. All this time and energy on events that cater for a few hundred people at most.
It's time they are replaced with a marketing team that thinks big!
We need time and energy spent on a large T.V. Promotion and ""bigger"" print campaign, to promote to not just a few hundred people but to hundreds of thousands of people.
We are ment to be a huge tourist attraction and one of the biggest and greatest markets in the world. But our marketing is at small surburban shopping centre standard. "

Ed: I'm not answering for QVM marketing but I suspect this is a case of "you play the cards you are dealt". Your comment is valid but it probably needs to be referred to the board and MCC who approve or disprove budgets.

Customer Comments
15/09/2012 05:45:35 Leanne Cole post "The Leanne Cole post showed professional photography and positive comment but how come there is an advertisement from someone that does not trade at the market and is a competitor to those that do?" Terry Lawn (Airllywood) 

Market Musings - 15/9/2012
15/09/2012 22:19:11 String bean alley "String bean alley falure of the year! More like biggest falure of the last 20 years."

Traders Block Tourist Buses
15/09/2012 22:22:10 Traders parking in bus lanes  "Nothing has changed, including a trader representative parking there all day Saturday."   

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