Sunday 9 September 2012

Traders Block Tourist Buses

These trader's vans were parked at the top end of K, RK, RL, and L sheds around midday today (Sunday) denying traders the opportunity to interact with tourists.
The vans were parked for at least two hours in a zone designated for buses. Buses are able to drop customers off at the top of these sheds, allowing customers to filter down through the sheds before returning to the top of the market or picking up their buses down in Queen St.
When vans block the drop off point, the buses go straight to Queen St. for the drop-off. If you own one of these vans, hang your head in shame. If you know who owns one of these vans we suggest you ask them to be more considerate of their fellow traders. Short term convenience for a few traders is no substitute for potential loss of business for the majority of traders in the top end.