Sunday 10 August 2014

Another Gutless Attempt To Influence Traders

A few weeks ago we wrote about an unsigned petition doing the rounds of the market calling for the withdrawal of renewal. The petition didn't identify its author(s) and used a logo of another organisation in its heading. As yet nobody has claimed ownership and unfortunately the mistakes made on that occasion have been repeated.

This morning in the market two more pieces of paper have been circulated with the same lack of accountability. They refer to a meeting at Town Hall next Tuesday. One leaflet calls for all traders to attend the meeting but gives no detail of who is asking traders to attend or for what purpose. The second leaflet has been cut and pasted to suggest that QVMAC Representative, Greg Smith, is inviting all traders to meet "In front of the City Town Hall". There are two points of substantial concern.

Firstly, the content of this second leaflet has been taken from a private email between Greg Smith and other QVMAC Representatives. QVMAC Representatives are preparing submissions to put before Council on the night (see separate article) but there is certainly no call to arms as the leaflet suggests. QVMAC Representatives are NOT asking traders to meet in front of Town Hall.

Secondly, neither leaflet has been signed. When individuals or groups attempt to influence traders but don't accept accountability we really must question their integrity. QVMAC Representatives have worked very hard to present a professional face to management and Council. They are elected by traders and identifiable and accountable for their actions. Unauthorised leaflets or petitions do nothing to improve the image of traders and really add nothing to solving the important issues we are all facing. Traders deserve better.

Traders are of course welcome to attend Council meetings. QVMAC Representatives welcome trader involvement in all issues. But, suggesting that there should be some call to arms is silly and unproductive. If you have strong feelings about the issues to be raised on Tuesday evening we suggest you talk to your representative before hand. In the meantime, keep watch on this website as we attempt to keep you informed of developments.

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10/08/2014 14:58:09 (Expletive deleted) "Can traders be more productive and use some common sense with the market renewal. If you have something to say then stand by what you have written and sign what you strongly believe in. Traders have presented mostly nothing but uneducated proposals and nonsense that is only wasting people's time. Change is something that needs to happen and involvement from the traders should be treated as an honour and not a right. Get over yourselves and move with the times." General trader  

11/08/2014 09:04:02 Tuesday council meeting "If Tuesday's council meeting turns into an unruly protest march by traders the opportunity to address traders concerns to counsellors  may be waisted.  We have limited opportunities to state our feelings at this forum let's not waist it. The Renewal process is a complex one and requires calm and clear thinking .We don't need any bad press or to turn public opinion against us." food for thought  

13/08/2014 11:52:37 Influence Traders - General Trader "As a person that has made a number of comments on the renewal project on this site, l have always put my name to them - Lance Dyer - general trader (thurs to sun - J Shed). Anyone can come and talk to em about my views, l am happy to discuss them, no matter if you agree or not with me......
I find it funny that you make the comment to PUT YOUR NAME TO IT...... but then you sign it as General Trader..... Perhaps you should have put your name to your own post.... But maybe as you had a go at people putting things forward about the renewal, regardless of it is positive or negative or just wasting peoples time as you put it, you were unwilling to back up your comments with your name so people could ask you to back up your own comments." Lance Dyer