Friday 29 August 2014

QVMAC Representatives Focus On Business Activity

There are many competing interests for the participants in our great Queen Victoria Market. There is the role the market plays in the fabric of Melbourne society - the contribution to the City of Melbourne as an iconic tourist attraction – the heritage values of our site – the market’s central role as a food provider – the community benefits – a breeding place for new business - an income provider for thousands of individuals, family businesses, and their associates – and the list goes on.
Trying to be all things on all occasions is extremely difficult and the intensity of a renewal project makes things even more complex. With all this in mind, QVMAC Representatives have drawn up a Focus Statement which attempts to identify our core direction, certainly over the next 6-12 months.
QVMAC Representatives – Focus Statement
1.Protection and Innovation – QVMAC Representatives will protect the interests of traders while fostering innovative improvements to business activity at QVM. Improved business activity will be a prime focus in all our dealings.
2. QVMAC Representatives believe that a professional renewal project that includes appropriate input from Traders, QVM and CoM will provide opportunities for improving our market.

In other words, Representatives are saying we acknowledge that change is ahead, and that renewal has the potential to improve our market. However, improving the business level for traders will be a prime requirement as we make those changes and appropriate input from traders will be essential. Sounds fair enough to us.

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