Sunday 17 August 2014

The Age Reports On Unhappy Market Traders

The Age published a report following Tuesday night’s Council meeting which highlighted concerns over an underground car park and the process of consultation.

“Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee member Greg Smith said they had interpreted one of the five components, which pledges to adapt and enhance market sheds A, B and C, to mean that council was going ahead with a new underground car park under the sheds.
Mr Smith said the “short term pain” caused by the car park construction could last for between one and four years.
An underground car park with noise, dirt, barriers and obstructions is certainly going to impact on traders’ businesses,” Mr Smith said. “We need to look at a lot more detail before we can proceed further.””

“ Traders told Tuesday night’s Future Melbourne Committee Meeting that they had unanimously voted to reject the underground car park plan, yet no mention of this had been in the latest community engagement report by Capire Consulting. Instead the report had concluded the public mood was that “moving the car park underground was sensible.
Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee member Jenny Pike [Pyke] said it appeared as though the consultation process was aimed at supporting a “predetermined outcome”.