Sunday 24 August 2014

Democracy In Action

Trader, and QVMAC Representative, Joe Stolarek has long held a view that a properly designed above ground car park was the best option for our QVM.

Joe has pushed his view with fellow QVMAC Representatives, traders, and QVM management. It is fair to say that he has been working against a tide of views that believed there were better options. But at the Council meeting on Tuesday 12th August Joe had his say in front of 11 Melbourne City Councillors and 50-60 traders. During his submission on weather-proofing over F shed Joe mentioned his car park views.

Joe’s views may, or may not, have swayed car park thinking but he will be the first to admit that he has been able to take his views to a very high level. Communicating with your QVMAC Representatives will ensure that your views are heard. You could also comment below on any topic.