Friday 29 August 2014

New Trading Hours Back On Agenda

There seems to be general agreement that our trading hours at QVM are not in tune with customer expectations. As the rest of retailing moves on, is it time we took the plunge and adjusted our trading hours? The CBD is now trading till at least 7:00pm on weekdays.

And rather than just play around with the edges, should we look at a significant change on at least one day, and perhaps turn it into an event with appropriate marketing? Tuesday has been suggested as a candidate with trading to at least 7:00pm and re-jigging the layout under RK, RL, L, (and possibly SBA) to accommodate some form of food and entertainment. 
Not only would we be moving to a more customer friendly time slot but we would be creating the potential for increased business activity, and, as we have identified in another article this week, increased business activity needs to be our focus. The discussion at this stage relates particularly to general merchandise and the top end of the market but our friends in food have asked to be kept in the loop.

This is a complex issue and there are many variables but being innovative with our trading hours has potential for stimulating sales. How can you contribute?
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