Friday 29 August 2014

Making Christmas Special

A timely reminder from one of our traders -

28/08/2014 22:03:12 Christmas decorations and atmosphere "So it is almost that time of year again, that is, to dust off the grotty old decos from times gone by. Hang a few baubles and that's it  according to management. It is about time that a real effort is made to attract customers with a festive mood in the market. How about a large tree in Queen Street. Fresh and vibrant decorations for ALL the sheds. Colour and movement attract as would wondering carolers. Lets make a real effort and make the VIC a destination for the festive season. We could all benefit from this in more ways than one." Karl American Doughnut Kitchen.

I suspect you have read a few minds in management on this one Karl. I know there was serious consideration being given to 2014 Christmas decorations just a few months back. A good one to follow up on. - Ed.

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01/09/2014 10:26:23 Christmas decorations "This is something that really needs to be a addressed it would certainly make an improvement to trade. Last time we had a Tree in Queen street the decorations were removed, it was suggested Traders could have been responsible so it does not surprise me management would would not be too keen on that idea" A & J E Shed