Friday 29 August 2014

Busy Meeting For QVMAC Representatives

Tuesday’s Representatives meeting covered over 20 items and heralded added intensity for representatives as we head into a period of consultation driven by new business initiatives around market performance and renewal.
QVMAC Representatives have dedicated Tuesday afternoons to regular meetings and consultation with management. Traders will not be immune from the workload as Representatives seek their feedback on a variety of important issues over coming months. One of the key ingredients of Tuesday’s meeting was the formulation of a Focus Statement that will guide Representatives as we work through those issues.
Here is a list of some of the issues discussed at that meeting. As always, your comments are welcome.
Focus Statement – Representatives compiled a Focus Statement around business activity at QVM and the protection of trader’s interests (see separate article).
Trading Hours – discussion around varying our trading hours to better suit customers needs and improve business levels for traders. This was seen as an opportunity to create a new event on at least one trading day. Representatives will start discussions with management and traders around the most suitable options.
Path Intelligence – this is our new high-tech customer analysis system that has potential for understanding some of the mysteries of customer behaviour at QVM.  The range of data available from this technology is very comprehensive. Two of our Representatives presented a 5 page paper on how to get the most relevant data from all the options available. The aim is to understand customer movement, how that reacts to different times and different events, and how to maximise sales returns.
Christmas Trading – each year brings new variables for Christmas Trading. Representatives and management will be discussing the options.
Consumer Behaviour Report – an interesting series of reports from the Melbourne Business School are being considered by Representatives on a diverse range of consumer attitudes to QVM.
CoM Budget Reports – recently released reports were discussed.
Epping Wholesale Market – discussion around the handling of the move of traders from West Footscray to Epping and what implications there might be for QVM Traders.
Parking Vouchers for Traders – discussion on the new arrangement to assist traders seeking discount vouchers for our car park on weekdays.
Lighting – an update on lighting improvements.
Communications – a number of issues were discussed including trader presentations to the Board and effective feedback to individual trader on matters they raise with management.
Car Park Strategy – Representatives endorsed a motion to question the $8 minimum fee our customers are asked to pay in the car park outside the free hours.

Single Day Absences – single day absences for SL Traders have been approved and we are awaiting the details from management.