Saturday 27 September 2014

Editorial - Who Owns This Market Anyhow?

Rule 1 for blog writers is to give your heading impact and the question asked above is obviously a rhetorical one. And just in case you have to look up “rhetorical” like I did, it means a question which doesn’t really require an answer - it makes a statement. 

If you are expecting an in-depth analysis about who owns QVM then let me apologise in advance because this is simply an attempt to make a very important point about how we move forward as a market. (The in-depth analysis is on our to-do list).

Below is a diagram which we can call the "Progress Arrow". On the left wing of the arrow is Management whose mantra could be - "We own this market and we know what is best for the future." On the right wing are traders who could also claim - "We own this market and we know what is best for the future." There are of course other wings to this arrow, customers, council, community etc., but let's keep it simple for now.


The analogy of the arrow has a simple message. For progress to be made, both parties need to move to the centre of the shaft. That will require openness, transparency and a degree of compromise. Without a point the arrow is just a blunt instrument. Without a point the arrow will fail to achieve its target.

Management and traders need to genuinely consult on all aspects of market operation. The "blame games" and the entrenched positions of the past have little relevance to the future.  We are about to enter a brave new world and our arrows will need to fly true.

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