Saturday 20 September 2014

Why QVM Needs An App

Google says 75% of Australian consumers use location information, typically maps, when searching online. The percentage is higher when you look at smartphone users and how many of your customers walk into your stall with a smartphone in their hand?

Whether they are searching for products, communicating with friends, or taking photos, many of our customers are technology users and a common use is looking for businesses and products. A location map us considered essential for many businesses followed by getting directions and information about trading hours. It is all part of the push for consumer convenience and with Google now making indoor maps (read shopping centre maps) more readily available, consumers are expecting to pick up their smartphone and find their retailer of choice with a few clicks on their phone.

Of course, at QVM, we make things just a little harder for consumers, with many traders changing locations on different trading days, so some form of location technology becomes even more important. Imagine a QVM App that would enable customers to click on a product category and be shown a map with their stall alternatives on any given trading day. Imagine also a complete summary of our trading hours, a directory of stallholders, a list of special market events and simple things like the location of ATMs and toilets.

And another use of a QVM App that has great possibilities involves iBeacons. iBeacons are tiny radio transmitters that can be located on stalls and beam out special offers to nearby customers (typically as they pass or enter your stall). Individual traders would tailor individual messages to show up on their customer's mobile phone. The technology is already available and all it needs is - you guessed it - a QVM App!

Are apps easy to set up? Well, no, not really, but the technology is there, and the experts are available. All that it needs is some resourcing, some desire, and a willingness to make QVM a relevant destination in modern retailing. Sounds like a worthwhile renewal project to us.

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