Wednesday 3 September 2014

What Makes A Successful Market Trader?

QVM Traders come from an amazingly diverse range of backgrounds. Many traders have come and gone over the years and we would like to think that all of them have left their mark in some way. So what is it that makes a successful trader and why is this vocation suitable to some and not to others?

Some say that traders need to be a little bit crazy, a little bit daring, while having a big dose of good common sense. Do you need sound retail experience? Let me tell you about two traders who suggest that maybe you don’t. One is an ex branch level executive at an oil company who had a hobby of wood working which he turned into a manufacturing business with QVM as a prime retail outlet. 35 years later he is still at the market. Then there is the ex Bookkeeper who took on Organic Fruit & Veges at the market. She had never driven a forklift, never even driven a truck, but now operates one of our successful Organics stalls.

Some traders have a rich heritage of retailing. Kevin Stanisich, who recently retired from the market, was a fourth generation trader. His Great Grandfather used to sell spectacles in the market at a time when a horse and cart was parked behind the stall rather than a van. Some famous retailers who apparently got their start at QVM include Solomon Lew, Peter Alexander, and the founders of Spotlight.

Just what are the ingredients we are looking for in a successful trader? QVMAC Representative, Ivano, identified 3 key factors during a discussion at yesterday’s QVMAC Meeting. He talked about independence, freshness, and passion as being important requirements. And perhaps we can leave the final word to another QVMAC Representative, Jenny Pyke, who suggested that perseverance was the key.

So to be successful at QVM you need to be an independant business person with fresh creative ideas, an absolute passion for what you sell, and the perseverance to get through bad times as well as good times. Sounds easy enough. What do you think?