Friday 5 September 2014

Father's Day At QVM

This Sunday's concentration on Dads is likely to create over $750m expenditure on a range of goods with lunches, tools and gadgets heading the way. According to Ibisworld Australians will spend an average of $51.60 on Dad this Fathers Day.

A report on Smart Company's website suggests that over $175m will be spent in caf├ęs and restaurants at the top of the list with over $150m going on presents of tools, hardware, and electronics. Not sure what has happened to the humble socks or ties although they will no doubt feature for some Dad's. Personal care products are expected to show a rise this year and interestingly gift vouchers are expected to show a fall as buyers look for more personal gifts.

How will Father's Day impact on QVM? Well it should be noted that Father's Day expenditure is around half that spent for Mother's Day and whilst Mothers don't mind a spot of shopping on their special day, Fathers are probably less inclined to want to visit our market sheds. Although we did notice that Grand Ridge Brewery are to be part of the New Craft display in A shed this Sunday, so that could be one good reason to visit QVM for some Dad's. And for gardening Dads there is a new pop-up nursery of some 20 stalls operating each Saturday and Sunday over September in String Bean Alley.

As long as some of that $51.60 average expenditure has been spent at QVM in the lead-up we can't really complain. And to all you Dads dutifully working at your stall this Sunday - Happy Father's Day! No doubt you will all be given a little leeway for late arrival at the market after your family has organised your breakfast in bed. (You wish).
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