Sunday 7 September 2014

Special Meeting For Some J, K, L, and M Traders

QVM intend holding a special promotional day/night event in the top quarter of J, K, L, and M sheds over two weeks in November. The event will involve relocating some traders over the two weeks and a meeting is to be held this Thursday to discuss details.

Plans include creating a showcase location for those traders who are affected. A vibrant street market is to be located in Therry St. and Queen St. with a marquee construction designed to create a new look and feel for traders. It is hoped that the new location will create additional opportunities for traders through its unique placement and the proximity to QVM food customers. The special event at the top of J, K, L, and M will in itself bring an estimated 30,000 additional people to the market.

Traders affected will be those located in the top of J, K, L, and M sheds from Peel St. down to the top walkway. A meeting of affected traders will take place in J shed (near J40) this Thursday 11th September at 3:30pm.