Sunday 7 September 2014

Single Day Absences For SL Traders

One of the more antiquated aspects of our SL License system is that traders were forced to take leave in one week blocks – no single days off. QVM have now approved up to 5 single days off in any one calendar year which will enable traders to take leave for the myriad of last minute events that come up in life.

There are conditions attached to the new arrangement – traders will need to advise the office and the box and table hire operators of their absence the day before. Details will be advised shortly and we can assure traders that an exceptional circumstances provision will be included in case your notice of absence occurs after the nominated closing time because of serious or unforeseen events.

This is a welcome addition for SL Traders and a positive sign that management/trader negotiations can bring good results. QVMAC Reps (particularly Stephen McLennan) deserve a pat on the back.