Saturday 20 September 2014

QVM's One on One Interviews Are Two Way.

QVM has embarked on a program of interviewing every market trader. One on one interviews with traders are already under way and with something like 600 traders on the list this is a major undertaking.

Traders are being asked questions like "What are your aspirations at QVM?" or "What do you believe needs changing at QVM?" A whole series of subjects will be covered including specific events like the November Music Week. The aim is to get a more personal assessment of traders views but it is important to realise that the process is two way. Traders are entitled to ask their own questions of management - "What does the future hold for my business?", "What is the likely impact of renewal?" and so on.

Getting a better perspective of each of our roles at QVM has potential to give us some guidance for the future. At a recent business conference in Melbourne the Small Business Minister was reported to have said "The best form of contraception is small business". Presumably he was referring to the huge pressures on small business and the difficulties of leading a normal life while struggling to see a way through the tough times.  It is hoped that activities like the 1 on 1 interviews will lead to better understanding, ease some of that pressure, and produce some clarity for the future. Who knows, it may even be child producing?