Sunday 30 November 2014

Another Happy Winner At QVM

Vicki is from Perth and she was Thursday’s winner in the Trader’s Cash Giveaway promotion. She visited our market with her Mother and Auntie and was delighted to win her $500 but she was full of praise for QVM traders.

Vicki told the story of the time her Mother bought a $50 dress from Maggie at the market only to be chased up the aisle by Maggie after completing the sale because her Mother had handed over two $50 notes instead of one. Such honesty figures very highly with Vicki and no doubt she has told that story on many occasions to her friends.

On this occasion she was quick to thank trader, David, for her win. Apparently she wasn’t over enthusiastic about entering the promotion but David convinced her to go to shop F1 for a docket and she turned out to be the lucky winner.

Another happy customer benefiting from great customer service and some targeted promotion – well done to all involved.

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