Monday 17 November 2014

How To Tweak Music Week For Better Trading

Music Week at QVM has created an amazing buzz and the full analysis of its impact on business at our market should rightly be left for when it finishes in a weeks time. However, there are a couple of tweaks that we could look at immediately which may improve things along the way.

1.     Directing Customers - the "black wall" shown in our photo does give the impression of a deadend at the top of J,K & L sheds. Some simple signage could fix that.

2.     Customer Access - this may be harder to fix in the short term but blocking off the car
park entrance to the top walkway (a small stage has been placed there) does seem to substantially impede cross market traffic. Does that need to be permanently closed during the event? - see photo.
3.     Tourist Buses - apparently buses were effectively turned away on Saturday due to difficulties with the closure of Therry St. Tourist are a very important ingredient for top end traders. We need a solution that will enable tourist buses to conveniently visit our market under all circumstances. In the short term we could dedicate Peel St. exclusively to bus parking (and Spanish Donuts).

4.     Music Volume - "If it is too loud - you are too old" is a music industry maxim and we don't necessarily argue with it but for QVM "If you can't hear your customers - the music is too loud" might be more appropriate. Organisers need to understand that this is a place of business.  A quick look at next weeks music program suggests we won't have a repeat of Sunday afternoon's music assault. Let's hope that is right.

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