Tuesday 25 November 2014

Good Start For Trader Inspired Giveaway

Tuesday was the first day of the special QVM cash giveaway which was inspired by one of our Traders and basically involves a collaborative effort between Traders and QVM to give $500 to a market customer each day in the lead up to Christmas.

Traders contributed $1 each in a quick whip around in the morning with a draw at 12:00 noon which attracted quite a crowd as you can see from the video. The winners were three young tourists whose only real problem was working out how to spend their market vouchers before getting back on their plane the next day.

Future giveaways will be supported  by advertising including radio spots. QVM will match the trader contribution and cover the cost of advertising. Another whip around will be conducted on Thursday but in order to keep collection costs down it is hoped that an automatic deduction can be applied to trader rents for subsequent giveaways.

The response to our first giveaway was encouraging.  With the support of additional promotion including radio advertising, and the natural impetus of a repeat event,  it is hoped that we will achieve a significant boost to crowds in the lead up to Christmas.

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Ed - Trader Albert has a suggestion which involves traders giving their customers a receipt which could be presented at the F1 shop for an additional chance in the giveaway. Rewarding paying customers seems like a good idea.

26/11/2014 15:53:53 Promotion "I thought that people would qualify for a ticket in $500 draw after a purchase in the Market not be handed out WillyNilly  to all and sundry

As this seemed to be the case on Tuesday" A trader Albert