Saturday 22 November 2014

Traders Comments – Lots of Them

Melbourne Music Week and the one year license renewals are just two of the issues that have resulted in lots of comments to this website’s “Have Your Say” facility over the past week.

Rather than publish them all we are recording a brief summary here. Thank you to all contributors.

18/11/2014 19:02:11 Music Week "........The traffic flow in areas around the music event was greatly changed and hindered sales for a lot of traders around me. All of who were complaining about the poor weekends figures. I understand a number of traders have said they had better days, so its a case of good for some, bad for others, but the questions need to be asked. The traders l spoke to who had good days, were all well away from the music areas, lower section of L,R/L, R/K, J and on the other side of F shed. those around the music festival struggled.........."  Lance Dyer

18/11/2014 19:07:25 String Bean Alley "Great to hear that these traders feel the music week was a success for them. Its not that music helped them at all, its the fact with so few stalls available, the casuals were taking the stalls, in LL Laneway, the opposite side to M shed, and this created more attraction to draw people in to this area. The traffics flow of customers also being redirected to this being the only way in from peel street also would have assisted a lot. I hope the QVM management do more to get either more containers, or more full time stall holders into this area, or even better yet, get the ""L"" shed traders to trade both ways like ""E"" shed traders do, and this will go a long way to helping your businesses grow.... " disgruntled trader

18/11/2014 19:49:32 PE license for Sale "To the QVM PTY LTD board of directors, I Lance Dyer, would like to hereby offer to you the sale of my PE license. As you have decided that if l choose to sell my business, which will require me to change to an SL license l will only be able to sell with a 12 month contract, l would hereby like to offer to you the chance to purchase this PE license directly from me. My price is very fair and reasonable, it is the average of 1 years turnover, based on the last 3 years turnover, as authenticated by my accountant, and matching to my tax returns. As l am still in my late 30's l have at least 30 years of trading left at the QVM, and as l am a PE trader, l will still be trading in 30 years time, as this is my rights as a PE trader. If you would like to discuss my price with me, please feel free to come and visit me, at my stall." Lance Dyer

21/11/2014 08:10:07 CEO response "........ People have put in endless of effort, merchandising everyday,smiling,making sure the stock is right, otherwise they wouldn't survive. Relocation is one problem BUT taking away the "lease" aspect is a WHOLE different situation!  Jan,I plead with your common sense to give back those leases ASAP"   Rosalie Rockman

21/11/2014 08:44:58 Re music week "Music week has made the top half of J shed almost non existent in terms of traffic flow..... No flow no customers ..."  

22/11/2014 23:21:16 tourist buses "The buses drive off on peel st too at the moment as people who are working for mmw are leaving their vans parked there all day as well as a certain food vendor so the buses can't park there. Great way to get customers to us." Leah
22/11/2014 23:42:04 mmw again "As a trader who stood my ground and did not move for this noise, I feel, I guess as would be expected, that we have received no support in informing customers who come up F shed that there are a few traders up the top of J K and L. It's too late now, so I'm just venting. The other reason I chose to stay up there was so that to people driving past or in the tram would see us and know that the market is still open. " Leah