Sunday 16 November 2014

CEO Ends Inappropriate Music

QVM's CEO, Jan Cochrane-Harry, held discussions with Melbourne Music Week event organisers this afternoon (Sunday 16th November). This followed a bracket of rap music containing profanities that were certainly unsuitable for a family-friendly public retail market.

It was disappointing that organisers had strayed from their format of market friendly music content and volume during trading hours. It was generally considered that the loudness of the music and the inappropriate content had a severe impact on business after 1:30pm. We have been assured this will be corrected for upcoming performances.

17/11/2014 09:58:36 Music "I'm all for music , but like it was so well written , the content, and decibel count needed to be adjusted.
I would add perhaps if we the market could have a say in the type of music that can be played in future. ie, more suitable for the kind of people, and families  who visit - not  rap. heavy metal, head banging sort.
For the first time ever after the Sunday market I had walk to my car to realise i had left my keys behind, and my wife her handbag, in the box ...Maybe we were still in a daze?" Andy