Sunday 2 November 2014

QVM Lays Down The Law On Vehicles and Boxes.

Earlier this year QVM Management announced its intention to tidy up our market by restricting indiscriminate vehicle parking and prohibiting the use of empty stalls as storage locations for vehicles or boxes.

Generally the move was welcomed by traders looking to improve our public appearance and there have even been a number of complaints from traders that the rules were not being enforced. The notice distributed to traders over the weekend indicates that action will now be taken.

However, like many market issues, it is difficult to apply a broad brush solution. Parking vehicles in empty stalls or outside stall boundaries probably shouldn't occur under any circumstances (happy to hear of any exceptions to that view).

But box storage has a few more complications. There are approved box storage areas although obviously not enough to meet demand. Just take a look at the North side of String Bean Alley on any trading day. If that area is not available for box storage then more traders are going to have to find box space within their stalls. Many traders believe that is too difficult, particularly if they are in smaller stalls such as on the short side of K shed or some of the walkway stalls.
The Rules For Stallholders booklet is quite specific - Rule 18:12 "Stallholders must store all storage boxes within the confines of their stalls. Any storage boxes left on aisles, footpaths, lanes, streets, or parking areas may be removed by the market operator and all reasonable removal costs incurred must be paid by the stallholder." At the same time, the market recognises special storage needs outside the formal rules by providing box storage facilities in M shed on trading days. Like any successful issue resolution there is a way through this dilemma. Let's hope it is a smooth transition.