Saturday 15 November 2014

Music Week - News Under The Sheds

The Melbourne Music Week Event has started at QVM and we have some preliminary news from traders under the sheds.
Music Levels - The main stage area at the top of JKLM sheds can certainly pump out the decibels but fortunately during trading hours the levels have been kept at a comfortable level with many customers appearing to enjoy the music.
Business Levels - still early days but we have mixed reports from the top end with some traders reporting poor business and some reporting better than average sales. Interestingly, 8 containers in String Bean Alley remained open on Friday evening for the evening music session and reported an appreciative crowd but very little business.
A Humorous Side - one of the workers from the wire fenced music area showed he had a sense of humour when he came out into the general market area and asked one of our toy traders if she could lower the volume on a singing doll she had on display.
Stall Availability - only three stalls were available for casual allocation in the top end on Saturday morning as the Music Week Event had an impact on vacant stalls.
Customer Flows - closing the Peel St. ends of J, K, and L sheds has obviously impacted on customer movement with traders in those sheds probably being the losers, and String Bean Alley and F shed traders being the winners as customers find alternative ways to move from Peel St. to the bottom end of the market. Again, it is early days and difficult to draw conclusions.

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16/11/2014 19:59:06 Music week "Well they didn't care because the bad language could be heard all the way to the bottom of "L" shed  around 4pm, with traders apologising to customers with young families. "