Thursday 27 November 2014

Our Christmas Tree Looks Great At Night

At the time of writing, work was still continuing on decorating our 9 metre Christmas tree in Queen St. However, as the photo shows, it is already looking great at night and it sets off the huge MELBOURNE sign very well. 

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30/11/2014 19:57:07 Christmas Decorations "Just wanted to know if all the Christmas decorations were up now or is there more to come? The re vamp of the stars at the end of each she'd is a great start but is that it ! A tree and some new or should I say old but updated stars is all we get !!!! Just think of how many people flock to see the Myers Window! If we could have all those people come to the Q V M to see our decorations think of all thoses extra customers! Why is it that An icon like the Q V M has the most crap Christmas Decorations in the city! Crown Does it so well ! We should be a destination point for Melbourne for everyone to come to at Christmas"