Thursday 30 April 2015

Key Findings On QVM Renewal Consultation

The following is taken straight from the Phase 3 CommunityConsultation Report released on Tuesday and now available on line - see links in previous article.

"The engagement process elicited a range of feedback on the Draft Master Plan, a summary of the key findings is the purpose of this report. Below is an overview of the key findings.
• Opening Hours: the majority of both the traders and the public participants are supportive of the concept to enhance the market as a destination that provides a changeable range of offers.
• Use of open space: both the traders and the public showed a preference for programmed markets and events in the new open space proposed for Q3 – Quarter Three. ***
• Access: while traders said that improved car parking would improve access to the market, public participants said that improved pedestrian amenity and safety would make it easier for them to access the market.
• Heritage: both the traders and the public participants said that they preferred artwork, signage or landscape features as ways to celebrate the market’s history.
• Market Cross: the most common suggestion by traders and public participants for Market Cross was public seating."

*** Just to clarify this refers to the open space currently occupied by the car park – Ed.