Sunday 12 April 2015

Traders Workshop – Fruit & Vegetable

Here is a summary from the trader's workshop on 18th March involving Fruit & Vegetable  Traders.

SUMMARY – Wednesday 18th March 2015 Trader Discussion Group #7: Fruit & Vegetable
Provided below is a summary of the key messages and themes discussed at the trader discussion group held on the 18 March 2015
Note: these comments may have been paraphrased to reflect a range of similar comments associated with a single theme or issue.

Strengths of the draft master plan
Public seating in Market Cross
Improved amenities, toilets, parents room
Managing waste, including fish waste
Eco-initiatives – solar panels on roof etc

Weaknesses of the draft master plan
Not enough replacement customer and trader car parking.
Difficult to access tram stop on Elizabeth Street with a trolley.
Unrealistic expectation to move people from cars to public transport, given
existing transport is at capacity.
Intersection of Elizabeth Street and Therry Street needs to be thought through
to minimise potential conflicts.
Bus station needs to be closer to the tourist hub.

Priorities for final master plan
Car parking – consider parking validation schemes and other forms of loyalty discounts for customer parking.
Market needs many more car parks than it has now.
Respond to the needs of weekly shoppers who have lots of shopping and need a car.
Retain heritage façade on Munro Site.
Keep the deli, meat, fruit and veg together in Quarter 1.
Improve pedestrian comfort within the market environment, cooler on hot days
and warmer and drier on cold/wet days.
Focus on families.
Improve climate within the sheds, for example ceiling fans (whirlies).
Access to power.
Dealing with OH&S issues.

Other key considerations
Move of wholesale market to Epping may increase need for more storage and refrigeration at QVM.
Will traders be forced to trade longer days/hours? Will there be additional fees
associated with additional trading hours?
Careful management of construction activity.
Clarification of whether car park numbers include trader parking?
Selection of street trees to consider pollen and impact leaves dropping on traders, as well as shade.
Need to promote both night AND day markets.
One participant suggested the market needs 5000 car spaces.
Shuttle bus to transport people to train station/other car parks.
Need to increase the frequency of cleaning the market.
City of Melbourne staff need to experience first-hand how the market works.

Distribute food vendors throughout all parts of the market for better food access.