Sunday 12 April 2015

Market Bans Tourists

Barcelona’s famous La Boqueria market is preventing visitor groups of more than 15 people from visiting the market during busy times. It is claimed that they disrupt the normal shopping habits of local genuine customers.

The locals complain about the dawdling and photo taking of tourists and in a crowded market that can become a problem. Barcelona is reportedly the 10th most visited city in the world. La Boqueria is essentially a food market and we have heard some of our own food traders declare that tourist business is not their target. They would rather concentrate on local families doing their weekly shopping than tourists looking to buy a few snacks to take back to a hotel room.

Of course the top end, or Specialty Merchandise area, of QVM relies very heavily on tourists. While La Boqueria is trying to restrict tourist groups the top end of QVM sees tourists as its main target. Too many tourists is certainly a problem that Specialty Merchandise Traders would love to contend with.