Friday 24 April 2015

Update On Stall Pack-up Times

We reported previously that some traders were receiving infringement notices for extending their stall pack-up times beyond the required limits. QVMAC Trader Representatives have asked management for a moratorium while the issue and all its ramifications are discussed.

Infringement notices will cease until a letter is sent to all traders explaining the QVM rules and how they will be applied. We understand there is particular concern about some pack-ups continuing into late evening. Traders who engage pack-up staff will need to ensure that they are abiding by market rules.

There will no doubt be more discussion on this issue.

24/04/2015 20:04:07 Late pack up!!!!! "The management is so out of touch with the reality and a lack of research and consultation with the traders before they bring in this rule. We are their customers which paying our rental fee for them to manage this market. But in turn took our money and do not concern any of our needs.
Just imagine that after received money from our customer and we tell them they have one minute to leave our shop. But we have to give our service to earn our money.
They brought in this rule which cause a lot of stress to quite a few traders and also the packing up ""Boys n Girls"".
They are a part of this market, I'm sure quite a few traders could not manage without them. The management should come and see how they work their magic during setting and packing up time. They are sweating for their money. They do not standing and walking around then getting pay. 
Queen Vic market is not a happy place for me to come and work. But it was one of the reason that I had my name up as a traders rep. Hopefully I can voice our concerns and stand up against all non common sense in our work place, and also stand up for a minority group in this market with a hope that this market will be a better place to work. 
Not very happy customer of QVM. Regards"  Kha Nguyen
Thanks for your input Kha - Ed. 

06/05/2015 13:05:40 Why Enforcing Pack-up Times Is Wrong Right Now "The biggest issue l see with enforcing this is this: Customers are regularly arriving at a later time of the day, this in turn means that we the traders are trying to make our living at a later period of the day, closer to and after closing times on a regular basis. I for one am consistently making sales after the closing times of the market. We are not a shop, were we have the option to just shut the door, and turn away potential customers (I'm not saying just shut the door in their faces either), we are an open space, were customers can just walk into our stalls and look at our products. l am sure that ALL of our traders would allow our customers to browse, and hopefully buy and thus in turn have a good customer experience. At the end of the day, it about providing customer service, and the traders being able to make a living."