Sunday 21 June 2015

Can We Be More Convenient At QVM?

Few things challenge the future of retailing like convenience and many think it is a missing ingredient at QVM.

Market researcher, Nielson, had this to say about convenience – “Consumers lead busy lives and their time is becoming more limited and fragmented every day. So when it comes to shopping, they may not always be 100 percent focused or fully engaged in the task at hand. So in order to keep up with them, retailers are increasingly finding that they need to innovate in ways that make it easier and more convenient for their customers to get what they need and not miss a beat in the process." 

Customers are embracing the new opportunities to find what they want, when they want it, with the most choice, and with a return policy that safeguards their buying decisions. And this is not just about online. Fortunately for us there are huge number of consumers who still love the shopping experience and get a great deal of delight out of treading the pavements and immersing themselves in the shopping adventure. But to some extent they have all been influenced by the ease and convenience of the technological age and expect at least some of that ease and convenience in-store or in-market.

Is your stall easily found at QVM? Is your location going to make it easy for customers to compare offers? Do you have an online presence and do you hand out business cards? Do you offer multiple payment options, a packing service, a delivery service, and a returns policy? Are your trading hours relevant to your customers and are you available after hours?

And some questions for QVM – do you provide sufficient guidance to market customers? How easy is it for customers to find what they want at QVM? Is your signage adequate, are information booths available, and do you have an app that gives trader locations?

These are all questions that need our attention and, while the customer rules, it could be very inconvenient to ignore them.