Sunday 28 June 2015

Heard Under The Sheds

Replacing the C Shed Playground – a trader has suggested the recently removed play centre in C shed could be replaced with male jelly wrestlers. Actually he said female mud wrestlers but we insist on equal sexism in this publication. And before you complain too much about his silly suggestion, the same trader came up with the next idea which we think has real merit.

A Use For The Social Kitchen Building – the social kitchen at the top of A Shed needs a new use and our trader suggests a food collection point. He suggests removing the bollards at the top of A Shed and allowing a drive-in / drive-out facility for customers to pick up pre-ordered food. Given the congestion that occurs in our car park at peak times and the universal push for more customer convenience, we think this idea deserves serious consideration.

Of course we can’t publish the traders name but his name begins with John and ends with Magno – Sorry John!!