Sunday 28 June 2015

Trader's Comment on Marketing Our Market(s)

A trader's comment on marketing our market makes a good point. The QVM Master Plan talks about a market of markets and no doubt there will be differences in the types of markets and the targeted consumers but cross promotion would seem to make a lot of sense.

27/06/2015 22:11:04 Video Clips for the Night Market "The QVM has done a fabulous job to promote the night market by making an amazing video clip, and it's running on the social media at the moment.
I think the office of the QVM should pay a close attention to the day market as well. As the business at the day market is currently on its downward trend.It really needs a big push on the social media as well.
I certainly think it would have been nice and more beneficial to the whole market if both the night and the day market was included in that video clips .
Therefore the promotion of both the day market and it's offshoot the night market, is very important and essential in the current retail environment."

Here is one of the videos of the Winter Night Market - 

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29/06/2015 07:46:35 Night Market  Promotion "What a smart idea cross promoting both the Day & Night Markets on video. Show customers our diverse range and choice . The Night Market would not be sustainable 1 night a week for half the year without the support of the 5 day a week Day Market , We fill the car park and pay rents 5 days a week.- Equal opportunity" - Thanks Equal Opportunity - you make a valid point- Ed.

29/06/2015 10:59:59 Marketing the Market "Hello everyone, I wanted to respond to the comments about the video on the Night Market, and the request for something similar for the Day Market. We have commissioned a documentary maker to make 8 - 10 two to three minute videos capturing our traders stories, stalls, history, background, products and services. I am pleased to say we have just received the first edits of these video's and should have them on our website, youtube and other social media platforms in the coming weeks. They are fantastic and I am sure you will love them when you see them. Thanks Mark " Mark Smith
Thanks Mark - We look forward to seeing the videos.- Ed. 

01/07/2015 14:54:27 Re day market videos Comment the stalls I work at have been in existence since 1956 ,what criteria do you use in choosing? Please explain. The stalls are in gm. Thank you. We will pass your question on to Mark Smith. In the meantime you might like to ask the market to include you in the next round of videos. Just email - Ed