Sunday 7 June 2015

Trader Representatives Question New Zoning Application for QVM Precinct

A new zoning application has been made by CoM for the Northern part of the city including QVM and the Munro site which was purchased earlier this year.

The QVM is to be changed from Capital City Zone to Public Use Zone which sounds innocuous enough but Trader Representatives have asked for an explanation of the likely impact on our market. Following is a copy of our letter to CEO, Jan Cochrane-Harry –

Hi Jan
   One further question raised by the trader representatives concerning Melbourne City Councils proposed Amendment C245 in particular the rezoning of the Market area from CCZ to PUZ.
   Our questions around the amendment and in particular there zoning are.
1) What are the primary reasons for rezoning the Market land?
2) What are the procedures and times to bring this amendment into effect?
3) Does the rezoning affect the original stated permitted use of Market land as per the Queen Victoria Market Lands act 1996 Act No 78/1996 and that is as indicated in the preamble “for Market purposes… and for other purposes related for Market use”?
   Any clarification of these questions so as to give us a clearer understanding of this amendment would be greatly appreciated.
Stephen McLennan
( On behalf of Trader Representatives )

We are expecting a response from CoM shortly.