Monday 15 June 2015

Trader's Comments - 15/6/2015

The following comments were received on over the past week - 

Article - City Councillors Congratulate Trader.
14/06/2015 10:18:14 Presentation! "Cathy Underhill you said it sooo succinctly I hope in earnest they adhere to what u say on behalf of the traders."

Article - QVM Hits The Press This Week.
15/06/2015 08:53:08 the Age article "The Age article on the Night Market this week was interesting. On one hand our CEO said that big corporate companies would not be allowed an in  but then said traders didn't understand the Night Market ,the need for sponsorship to cover running costs or to keep it a free event. Large companies have no place in a supposed Market of Markets run by smaller family or a single operated trader businesses and to suggest Management may have to look at an entry charge is ridiculous. Traders pay their rent in advance so all costs should be known upfront.Yes there may be somethings traders do not understand  and Managements view on this is one of them." Miss Understood - Thanks for your input Miss Understood. There will be more discussion on this one - Ed

15/06/2015 12:00:43 Exclusivity At Night Market "I think we understand that modern commercial arrangements include exclusivity deals and no doubt positive benefits can flow from them. But is exclusivity appropriate for a market which essentially embraces small business? And given the ""huge success"" of the night market shouldn't the big boys who want to take part be made aware that exclusivity needs to be tempered  by responsibilities to those small businesses? 
I have a great deal of respect for those who curate the night markets. Crowd numbers talk volumes. But I'd like to be sure that we stay in control of that success and that our role as a business incubator and small business promoter stays a core ingredient." Mr. Fied  

Regarding E Shed Moves
13/06/2015 16:34:34 AWNINGS "It has been suggested certain traders have received incentives to move from the E Shed Café area across to E43-44 E 45-46 with awnings erected behind these stalls for their benefit on certain days. If this is true why do other stalls in the area not have the same privilege We all pay the same rent or are there class distinctions these days." LB & JR E shed

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15/06/2015 16:19:50 Night Market "Does QVM Pty.Ltd still receive small business grant for running the night market." LB E SHED where there are no awnings. 

15/06/2015 16:29:14 Town Hall Meeting "Nice to read the report by Cathy Underhill was she the only speaker on the night representative of Traders if not who else and what was said." LB & JR E Shed  - 
There were three other presentations on the night and two of them related to the articles in the press (see QVM Hits The Press This Week above). Audio of the council meeting including trader presentations is available here - . Cathy Underhill's presentation was singled out because of the favourable response she received from Councillors and the relevance of her presentation to the matter under review which was the Draft Master Plan. - Ed