Sunday 14 June 2015

This Website Took Me An Hour To Set Up

If you have even the slightest interest in setting up a website or improving your current website then please read this.

I would like you to go to my website (click here), have a quick look at one of the product pages, click on the “About” and “Contact” pages and then come back here. ...... that site took just one hour for the initial set up. I used a website builder called Weebly and I think the result is streets ahead of what I had before. I can’t show you my old website because I have now ditched it but it was a 10 year old design with a very cluttered and unfriendly look by comparison.

The initial design and set up took an hour.  You can experiment with Weebly (free of charge) and test it for yourself. Entering in a range of products and hooking up to payment systems took me another half day but much of that was redirecting my current domain name to the new site. If you are registering a new web address, then Weebly do all that for you. They also have all the eCommerce facilities for you including standard merchant card facilities through Stripe and PayPal.

Essentially all you need to get started is a computer, some product photos and an hour or so to play around with their web builder. If you decide to go ahead and publish your site it will cost you around $5 per month although if you go for the full business option including shopping cart and card facilities it is around $30 per month. That is a small amount to recover from online sales.

Weebly isn’t the only easy web builder out there. Wix, Jimdo, and GoDaddy are other options and I actually tried GoDaddy (who have an Australian office) but found their web builder a little clunky by comparison. For a review of all the main contenders go here -

The ease of setting up a website these days is quite stunning. And you can play around for free with sites like Weebly. Traders who would like assistance with the process are invited to telephone me on 0406 222 020.

Greg Smith – QVMAC Trader Representative.