Friday, 11 October 2013

Wow Lighting At QVM

Wow! Fantastic! Awesome! ......just some of the responses to the new lights installed during the week in Rear K and Rear L sheds at QVM. Our photo was taken on a cloudy day in Rear K and has not been photo-shopped.

The new light fittings have only recently arrived from China as part of a significant upgrade to lighting facilities in the top end of QVM. Traders have noticed an immediate improvement in the presentation of their products. We understand that the older light fittings will now be distributed to other areas of the upper market that require additional lighting.

One of our traders jokingly complained that he could no longer hide stock seconds in the darkness at the back of his stall (at least we think he was joking).

11/10/2013 20:53:12 Lighting "Credit to Ivano and Greg for pushing this issue, you should be happy you hard work has paid off"
11/10/2013 20:55:00 Lighting "Greg can't take credit for this one but he can certainly applaud Ivano and Frank Di Vincenzo for pushing through a very worthwhile project." - Greg

12/10/2013 11:55:00,lighting,"Credit should be given the whom credit is due, and I happen to know a bit about how much work and how many hours were spent by our trader reps into getting better lighting, so I think we all need to give them a big slap on the back for all that hard work in getting these lights installed.
Then after that lets give some points to management that they were big enough to accept that the lighting was terrible and that they then followed through."

13/10/2013 10:14:32,Lighting,"Interesting that the new lighting, which actually produce light, and provide traders with a 21st century feeling of light, are all installed within the confines of the \"night market\" area. 
News the older light fittings will be used elsewhere within the top end of the market, is a little bit of shame. These light fittings did not provide any form of sufficient lighting in there previous location, how will they provide more lighting in a new location?
Surely the entire top end of the market deserves the new much brighter lighting, not just the areas where the night market operates. " 

We understand that the older fittings have already been installed in E shed to fill the gaps between existing lights. We would like some feedback from E shed traders on how effective that has been. But your point is valid. Lighting in RK/RL now sets the standard. - Ed.

13/10/2013 16:56:21 Lighting "My understanding was that the number of lights ordered would be rolled out in the J-L section of the market and the older light fitting that they replaced would have upgradede (stronger) light emitters /globes fitted and would then be rolled out to the other areas of the market. There were some uncertanties regarding the current electrical capacity to run everything. But that was going to be looked at. So it may be time to get some feedback on that. There was never any intention to limit upgrades to RK/RL. In fact the most light deficient aisle is in fact K Shed due to the least amount of natural light available to the area. Happy to see it finally underway though and looking forward to a more thorough upgrade. Well done QVM Pty Ltd and Frank for getting this under way!" Ivano