Friday 4 October 2013

Traders Comments on Smoking, Set-ups, and More

01/10/2013 22:51:18 smoking "I support the suggestion to ban smoking at QVM"

04/10/2013 13:56:26 Stall Holder Set-Up Times "I still cannot understand stallholders not being setup on time. You have many still setting up at 8, 9, and every sunday I see one guy at exactly the same time 10:00am rushing in. Seriously. It is management's fault for not creating uniformity. Stall holders compain about no customers in the morning, well they have fuelled their own fire. Customers come, don't see stallholders set-up, so word travels.. Irrelevant of any excuse you need to be setup at least by 8am especially on the week-ends. These people who are whingeing are the same people who I guess are struggling and call for the old days to come back. "

04/10/2013 14:34:52 Profitability/Sales reporting "Management should have been better monitoring and accessing their stall holder model over the years to make better informed decisions. Monthly sales need to be recorded.. I guess with their non-existent business model for judging potential new businesses it is not in their benefit to track sales. They have been strugggling to get new generel merchandise stall holders ao they do what they can to fill vacanicies.. I am a bit confused at how many people are struggling in the market yet the market is still pretty filled up. I wonder why management continually believe things are okay. It would be interesting to see how many people are actually turning profit.Are people subsidizing their existence at the market through other means. I think traders need to sit down and have a look at their situation. Are all traders at least making $500 in sales a day to cover their costs..wouldn't leave much for new stock purchases.. Are you at least trading at 40-50% G.P(mark-up divided by selling price *100)...e.g item costs $1 you sell for $2 your G.P is 50%... If they are not they really need to re-access their situation..If you are trading 5 days(avg rent roughly $300 plus a few other things like box hire,etc=total $400 plus lets say and average of $100 a day in wages, total $900) and you have lets say $2500 sales, your costs are roughly 36% of your sales..if you are not trading on a reasonable G.P no wonder you are are better off at Woolworths earning $20 an hour with no headaches...not sure how most feel about the issue but i genuinely believe there are many that need to re-access their business.One reason they are struggling is not because the market have failed in their duties but themselves failing to improve and react to a changing retail market. Traders are complaining yet when the meetings were going on with Paul Guerra, it was interesting that not many turned up. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE FIRST FOR THINGS TO IMPROVE, ''''THE ATTITUDE OF MANAGEMENT, WHICH WOULD CREATE SOME POSITIVITY FOR THE STALL HOLDERS'''...Stall holders need to look at the changes KMART did..they have turned around a sinking ship.Profitability up, etc. etc... They have reinvented themselves and told the consumer market we have the best variety all year around.."

04/10/2013 15:18:31 Spring-Carnival Promotion "How about the market looking at getting their finger out and coming up with some promotional campaign on T.V for the spring carnival. We have what 35 people in the market office shuffling paper.How about they actually go to the board and fight for the traders for once and get some additional money over the next 3 months to try and boost the fortunes of the traders..How about they stop all the supposed marketing they are doing and invest that money into something that could turn into $ for the traders. Not sure of the exact format but it could be for EG SATURDAY/SUNDAY FIRST 300 PEOPLE TO SPEND $100 AT THE QVM BEFORE 11AM GET A $30 FOOD voucher to spend in the market(receipts from stallholders to be redeemed at the office).That way the money could be spend across the board.. E.G SPEND $20 AT 5 DIFFERENT STALLHOLDERS GET A $30 VOUCHER...ETC Surely our marketing department can get a bit inventive..."

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