Friday 25 October 2013

Traders Comments

The following comments have been received from traders over the past week - 

21/10/2013 06:47:11 Queen Street toilets "It's great to see all the ways stall holders can improve their offerings but  I believe we also have to look at services managed by QVM,. The Queen st toilets are disgraceful most Sunday. I appreciate that it's a crappy job, but it is important when you hear comments from people as they  walk out that they are unclean., up until 12 months ago they were kept in a good standard, so what has changed. It's not good enough to say they are under staffed, it is contracted out and should be at a high standard every day. "  

25/10/2013 10:28:36 Lock-Up Shops "I am wondering who thinks that maybe certain rows of the market(THE PART THAT WILL STAY AS A MARKET) should have lock up facilities in order to try and help attract future quality tenants.Obviously the problem with attracting new tenants, is the enormous workload and expense with manually setting and packing up."

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25/10/2013 10:53:54 Lock Up Shops "Not sure about mass lock up shops but I have often thought that 5 or 6 containers suitably spaced out in an aisle would add variety and could accommodate those who don't want packing/unpacking. Probably higher rents though. "

25/10/2013 15:26:50 Lock-Up Shops "Totally agree. of course the market would ask for higher rents. I do believe it will happen with our blessing or not. From experience I do no think the council or board of directors will ever let us know their true intentions.... "  

 26/10/2013 16:31:20 Lock up Shops "All or nothing what benefit is two types of trading. Some outside some in lockups. May as well change Market name to Queen Victoria Factory Outlets this will onlyspeed up the end of the largest outdoor market in the southern Hemisphere" JR EShed