Sunday, 13 October 2013

Traders Need To Lift their Game – Packaging

There was a report this week of a new business consciousness developing in the US - care more, take less, give back.

The new consciousness is part of a worldwide move to responsible business decisions and addresses the social, economic and environmental neglect of the past. One of the earliest aspects of this new responsibility was sustainable packaging as visions of marine creatures wrapped in plastic waste were flashed over our screens and newspapers. The public backlash to plastic packaging caused change including the move by our own QVM to biodegradable packaging in our fresh food areas.

Regrettably much of the top end of QVM still uses standard plastic packaging usually in the form of carry bags. Paper packaging has taken a new role as its inherent biodegradable qualities and the introduction of sustainable forest practices pushes it to the forefront. Traders could consider paper as an option that is not only environmentally sustainable but shows off their product in a more professional manner.

Of course paper costs more and the environmental consideration needs to be supported by a product profit ratio that can support more expensive packaging. A medium paper carry bag with twist handles costs around 45 cents and printing adds 20-30 cents. An option may be to print your own labels. That bag will hold goods up to the size of a couple of adult jackets or a couple of lounge cushions up to 10 kilos in weight. You may not need carry bags that large of course.

It is worth investigating the option of paper carry bags and the benefits you could gain from customer recognition of your environmental credentials as well as the pride you display in your products. Let's face it, cheap plastic bags say something about your product. There are many sources of paper carry bags on the web. In no particular order we came across the following this week.

We’d love to hear from traders who can recommend particular bag suppliers.

14/10/2013 02:24:55,Paper Bags,"We have used Paper carrier bags with twist handles from Bee Dee for the last two years.  Whilst they are not the cheapest, the product is good and they have an extensive range. Regards Terry Lawn Airllywood",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

14/10/2013 07:27:40,Paper Bag merchants,"Another paper bag merchant is The O'Kelly Group 03 9706 4656.  They have a rep that visits the market every Friday and deliver to the market weekly.
They sell a range of goods from paper bags, eftpos and register rolls, degradable plastic bags.  The minimum order is reasonable.",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

14/10/2013 15:48:14 Paper bags "If one important factor in assisting traders to move to the paper bag option is to minimize the cost to purchase the more expensive paper ( better both in terms of sustainability and aesthetics ) wouldnt it make more sense to see if traders can buy 'together' rather than each one buying individualy.
I would think that should allow a considerable reduction in price. Perhaps QVM can assisit in some way, even if only as a 'go between' and to help get this started."  

15/10/2013 17:43:38 Paper Bags "If you decide to get a bulk buying order together, count us in." Terry Lawn   

16/10/2013 20:06:43 Paper bags "I get my paper bags from shop for shops, not cheap but once I stamp them with our logo, they do look good, I'm happy to spend a bit more for the sake of presentation as I feel it is appreciated by the customers." Tony  

24/10/2013 14:26:49 Paper Bags "Stephen from QIS Packaging here. Thanks very much for mentioning us here. Just thought I'd mention that we sell Paper Bags in small quantities, and can provide custom printing on Paper Bags (minimum order volumes apply)." Stephen